Tempeh is better if you make it yourself

Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian and Malaysian food made by fermenting cooked beans (traditionally, soybeans) with a fungus. During fermentation, the dense cottony mycelium of the fungus binds the beans together to form a compact cake. This page has a selection of informative articles about tempeh.

Using a fungus to…

Ask yourself at the time — or later, as you reflect on an incident or exchange

One difficulty in learning from experience (despite its awesome power as a teacher) is that we often are so involved in the experience that we don’t step back — during the experience or, more likely, later — to ask ourselves “What does this tell me?”

I learned from a friend…

What’s so bad about a union, from a management perspective?

What seems evident from the aggressive overreaction from Amazon management is that it truly does fear workers getting any power at all. The ideal, from a management perspective is that workers be powerless.

The reason is obvious: if workers have no power, then management can do what it wants with…

Withered good intentions can bloom again if you learn how to recover from failure

Given that immediate and sustained success is extremely rare, we all experience multiple instances and kinds of failure. It follows that knowing how to handle failure—and, ideally, how to recover from it and set things aright — is an important skill to learn.

Some failures are easy to spot and…

Patience is not a gift but a skill; skills require practice.

Patience is important, but like any skill it must be learned, so impatience is common (and can have serious consequences).

Impatience differs from impulsiveness. In impulsive behavior, the issue of patience does not arise: a person who habitually acts on impulse does so not because they are impatient but because…

The unfamiliar makes us uneasy, so some pretend it’s like previous experience.

I think we all like — or are at least comfortably reassured by — the familiar. In Patrick O’Brian’s (excellent) series of British naval novels in the Napoleonic era, Stephen Maturin quotes a Catalan benediction on parting: “May no new thing arise.”

New things make us uneasy because they are…

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Wrote “Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving the Double-Edge Way.” Blogs at leisureguy.wordpress.com. Enjoys cooking, reading, movies, and listening to jazz.

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